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il classico nell'arte

We are a italian society, the only in the world it realizes hand carved frames collection. They are copies of artistic works, which are in museums all over the world or in private collection. The success of the exhibition in N.Y. last year has allowed us to create a large customers with names of all worlds. Peritalia frames are made of solid and valuable wood, they are handcraved and constitute a highly artistic product, executed by distinguished ebanists. These frames are perfectly made, with great care, in every detail, including junctions, wich are perfectly invisible. Peritalia frame is a unique and artistic product, it can be adapted to any requirement of yours.

We are looking for a partner, society or a single invester, to develop the frame's creation on a vast scale.


Luca della Robbia
Luca della Robbia fruit decorations XIV Century
French frame
French frame with love-knot XVIII Century
Trapezoidal frame
Trapezoidal Italian frame - Lucca, Tuscany XV Century
Italian frame
Italian frame with composition of putti and flowers XVIII Century
Italian frame
Italian frame with putti and romage - Florence XVIII Century
Jewish frame
Jewish frame with jewish symbols and leaves - XVIII Century

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